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January 18, 2006



Hello all,

Thanks to the author of the story for spreading my culture to the world. My name is Khurshed and I am from Tajikistan. The story is very good and detailed and it gives to outside world a good picture of Tajik wedding. Although one of above commenters said our President does not allow anymore such weddings it is not true. It is still allowed to have such weddings but to try to reduce some unnecessary spendings. I would like to invite the people from all over the world to come to lovely Tajikistan and see a beautifull nature, a lot of mountains, and ancient culture and traditions.

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It is amazing to know different cultures on weddings. Thanks for this post. I will come back to check out for more.


Hi! my name is Gulkin and I`m from Tajikistan. I liked this blog. Everything is true! But now our president Emomali Rahmon doesn`t allow to celebrate wedding like this because it takes too much money!


I really enjoyed checking out your site - keep up the good work.

Pippa Durn

Hi, guys. These blogs are amazing. When I get into the office, I have to look first thing to see any updates. When I leave the office I can't stop thinking about you all and how you are. I've learnt more about Tajikistan than I ever knew before and I'm trying hard to not complain if I feel cold. As others have said, our prayers are with you and the people of Tajikistan.

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