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November 03, 2006



I was just browsing the internet when i came around this blog. I am from Tajikistan, and I am glad that you have enjoyed your stay there.I have one thing that I really want to point out...one person said that Tajikistan is slowing falling apart which is far from the truth...After the end of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan endured a long five year civil war which ended in 1997 and the arrangements for the peace treaty between the rivaling fractions only took place in 2000...in reality a new life for the tajik people began after 2000. Life is getting better by the day and there is still hardships no doubt but for many foreigners it doesnt seem so b/c they compare tajik's society with that of the u.s and many dont understand how much better it is now. well thank u for reading and if u have any comments email me.

:o)livia flint

Thank you so much for those beautiful, heartwrenching quotes. They are totally inspiring in themselves and I think convey the emotions you must all have been feeling these past two weeks. I hope your experiences and memories will continue to inspire you in your work with Christian Aid and beyond.

Brian Ridsdale

Welcome back. Hopefully, you will now be able to get round and tell us all about it.

Robert Pearce

Thank you so much, all you wonderful gappers. I've been on leave for week - low-lying Sussex sounds a bit tame against the mountains of Tajikistan! - your messages have inspired me on a Monday morning with 105 emails clamouring for attention.
I'm sure the Tajik experience will have equipped you for even greater things.

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