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October 25, 2006



Hi to Emily! Good to hear that everyone has arrived safely. I’m very glad that you have each other for support through what promises to be an emotionally demanding visit. It sounds like we should dedicate the next Scottish team meeting to your travels - maybe even enjoying cakes and sweets as well - purely from a cross-cultural sharing point of view of course! Fiona x

Chris Q

This partner sounds like they are doing really good work. You get the impression that older people often ignored when it comes to aid work and so have very sad ends to their lives. You should all be proud that Christian Aid support this partner.

I'm thinking of you all while you are flying!


Well done so far to all of you! I'm sorry you all had to endure the wait at the airport... but hope it was worth it. From your blogs, you are already doing a wonderful job of bringing the hardships of such little known countries to our consciences, and highlighting the incredible bravery and perseverence of so many Tajik people. As for the food and hospitality... I did warn you :-) Best wishes to you all and to those you meet, Amanda x

Susan Barry

Hi Jema
Thanks for today's posting - its wondeful to feel that i can so relate to all you are seeing - your entry takes me back to my visit to the NVC; i still tell their stories to supporters. is Mamo still "in charge"? keep strong, keep smiling... and give my love to Surayo and Zarina! xx

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