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October 28, 2006



Supper of doom? Supper of doom? Even worse than a P Clelland special?
Good golly gosh.
Glad to hear you've brought your dancing feet with you. Look forward to hearing more.


Kevin Szum

Sounds like a very interesting day. I do hope that Christian Aid will be concentrating hard on the plight of Tajikistan's travelling arm wrestlers when you return to the UK! I also hope that you are all getting over the supper of doom...and the dreaded Taji tummy.

In all seriousness though, I find the blogs from Taj extremely heart warming and it gladdens me to read about the hard work you folks are all putting in. Good luck for the remainder and have a safe journey home this week! Kevin Szum.

Andrew Wilson

Err - yes, unfortunately Dushanbe airport isn't the best introduction to Tajikistan, where getting through the procedures can take almost as long as the flight that gets you there! But after that - you've experienced the incredible warmth, hopes and hospitality of a country where many people continue to face enormous hardships you movingly write about. You all sound to be having a great time as well as going through experiences you'll remember a long long time. Reading your entries tells me that Christian Aid's work in Tajikistan has a whole new bunch of ambassadors. Keep well and keep writing!

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